Perry is made by fermenting the juice of pears, usually but not always perry pears. As apples are to cider, so pears are to perry. But how different is perry from cider?

Perry is often made from a blend of perry pears that are classified in the same way as cider apples: Sweets, Sharps, Bittersharps and Bittersweets. These may be combined to create different blends of perry and sometimes some cider is included in the blend. Perry is also more challenging to make: decent perry pears are harder to find and the fruit can be temperamental and needs to be handled and processed differently compared to cider apples.

Perry is a paler shade of colour than most ciders and may even have a hint of green in their goldenness. Perries have complex but subtle flavours that are typically more delicate than cider; good perry can be like a subtle white wine. In some parts of West England high quality perry is enjoyed at weddings instead of champagne.