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Putley Gold

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This 2016 harvest still cider is made with apples from Dragon Orchard in the small Herefordshire parish of Putley. In the late 1800s Putley was transformed with the introduction of modern orchards by Squire Riley, who’s crest was a gold spotted dragon’s head and gold anchor.

Traditional cider apples used include Dabinett, Ellis Bitter and Browns. Picking begins when early varieties ripen in September but harvesting can continue with later ripening varieties into early November.

Each variety of apple is harvested at optimum ripeness and condition and scratted (pulped), pressed and fermented separately. Saccharomyces Bayanus “Champagne” Yeast is used which gives a clean neutral fermentation allowing the character of each variety to be fully expressed. The ciders ferment for around 3 to 4 months, before becoming fully dry. They are racked off lees and blended to produce the base cider which is is filtered to crystal clear.

Full bodied palate with hints of caramelised apple.

Enjoy lightly chilled with pork, BBQ or lightly spiced foods.


Medium Dry Cider

7.0% abv