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Hazy Ways Part One

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by Little Pomona

Little Pomona's Hazy Ways Part One is the result of a new experiment with some old techniques.

It’s a blend of only two apples, Dabinett (91%) and Ellis Bitter (9%), that began as separate wild fermentations from the 2017 harvest but came together at two different stages during the making.

Little Pomona set out to create a natural but gently sparkling cider that would retain some of the natural sweetness of the apple. To do this a “cold racking” method was used. By moving the liquid regularly off the “lees,” the viable yeast count in the cider was reduced to such an extent that the fermentation stopped and stabilised, in this case in the bottle.

The method is not without risk but the rewards are definitely worth it!

Pét Nat style, semi-dry and very juicy. Cloudy, unfiltered. 804 bottles produced.

Tasting notes

The nose is quite funky at first but that soon blows away to reveal something that is anything but funky.

There’s a very gentle sparkle underpinning this cider which is ultra-fresh and very juicy. The end result of all that dangerous racking turns out be the very purest expression of Dabinett fruit imaginable!

Succulent peaches, apricots, cloves, spice, cool herbs, black tea and ripe autumn apples, all lifted by a lovely fresh acid. Tannins are plentiful but soft and round and the whole thing is scarily moreish!


Dry Cider

7.4% abv